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Content: Two Undergraduate Minors:
Environmental Fellows Program
Earth, Society and Environment minor

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A campus-wide sustainability minor

The Environmental Fellows Program (EFP) is an undergraduate minor for students in any major who are interested in adding the study of sustainability to their major. Fellows have come from every College on campus! The program provides University students a unique opportunity to pursue personal environmental interests through courses that focus on current issues from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Possessing the EFP minor signifies an understanding of how intersections between the natural world, technology, politics, and culture determine our sustainable future.

A NEW interdisciplinary minor open to All

The Earth, Society and Environment minor is perfect for people who don't want to the commitment of being an Environmental Fellow but do want a minor that connects them with the sustainability of Earth's environments, societies, and economies. It's extremely flexible and designed to cater to all students at the University, independent of Major or College. Click here to learn more.

Why should you become a fellow?

Earning a sustainability minor will allow you to:
• create a tailored program of study that integrates your discipline with the environment through 18 hours of course work.
• create an internship, research or practicum experience that meets your specific needs and interests.
• be more employable - today's employers are looking for multi-disciplinary and holistic thinkers who are best prepared to work in today's diverse society.
• potentially qualify for dual credit, satisfying requirements of your major and minor simultaneously.
• work in teams with other Environmental Fellows and faculty in order to address real local, national, or international sustainability issues.

How do you apply To BECOME a FELLOW?

Students applying should:
• be enrolled in any undergraduate degree program at the University of Illinois,
• have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher, and
• have 3 or more semesters remaining on campus (or approval from the School of Earth, Society, and Environment).
Applying to the EFP is easy. Download the application form below. You will need to submit this form along with a short essay about your interest in environmental scholarship and an unofficial transcript. Applications are accepted every semester.
Download an EFP Application:

Email your completed application to, or submit it at room 208 in the Natural History Building. Office hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

What are the Course requirements of the PROGRAM?

The EFP strives to meet the needs and interests of all sustainability-minded students. Although we have an approved course list, substitutions can be made to reflect special interests. Contact the EFP office at 217-244-4064 or e-mail for more information, including a listing of approved courses in the categories listed below.

In ESE 311, Environmental Issues Today, EFP students are exposed to different disciplinary perspectives on specific environmental issues. Topics change each semester to reflect current sustainability concerns.

The Capstone Project allows the EFP student to focus on a topic of his or her particular interest. The Capstone Project provides students an opportunity to work with a professor on a research project, internship, or practicum that will result in a paper or other product examining a sustainability issue. The project should be within the student’s field or area of interest and can include lab research projects, library research projects, interviews, surveys, summer internships, or any other kind of in depth examination of an environmental topic. The Capstone Project is self-directed and is taken for independent study or internship credit. If you have a Project in mind, use the following form to get official authorization:

Capstone Authorization Form

Please contact the EFP office at 217-244-4064 or e-mail Dr. Stephen Hurst <> for additional information and requirements for your Capstone Project.

Earth, society and Environment minor

The ESE minor is designed for students who desire a significant background in Earth, Society and Environment to support study and practice of their major field.




Introductory “Earth's Physical Systems, Resources, and Hazards” Course


Introductory “Environment and Society” or “Sustainability, Policy, and Global Change” Course


ESE 200: Earth Systems


Three Advanced Courses from an approved list, at least two of which must have the ESE rubric



Please stop by or call during office hours with any questions you have about the EFP or ESE minor. Office hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

33 Computing Applications Bldg.
605 E. Springfield Ave. (Between Wright St. and Sixth St.)
Champaign, IL 61820
phone: 217-244-4064

Other Resources

The school houses CWACES: The Center for Water as a Complex Environmental System. The primary goal of the Center is to facilitate original, interdisciplinary research on the complexity of water and water-related processes in environmental systems and on the interconnections between these processes and human society.

The School houses the Geology Library in the Natural History Building, with dedicated earth science librarians and an extensive collection of materials, including science catalogs and journals.

Interested in Earth Science teaching? The School both works with the College of Education to develop earth science courses for K-12 educators and provides resources for teachers.