Spring 2018 classes

Are you looking for online coursework in the major? If so, there are quite a few course choices this coming semester. Make sure to talk with your advisor either before or after you’ve selected classes.

Step 1: Prepare

Find out your registration date so that you know when you can enroll in classes. Generate a degree audit to check on your progress. Are there general education or major classes that you need? Prioritize these when looking for classes.

Step 2: Plan

Decide how many total credit hours you plan on taking. Typically, students take 14-16 hours a semester. 12+ hours is needed to remain full time – all students should take at least 12 hours. If you wish to take more than 18 hours the college will need to provide permission.

Step 3: Check

Make sure that you have a course load that extends over the entire semester – don’t have all of your coursework in the 1st or 2nd 8 weeks of the semester only. It doesn’t have to be perfectly balanced, but if you have 2 or more courses in one half of the semester, there should be at least one 8 week course in the other half.

Step 4: Enroll

Use the listed CRNs to enter your courses on your registration date. Don’t wait – you can always drop classes and make changes later, but classes fill, and having a seat early is the best way to make sure that you have your choice of courses. 

Course Suggestions

A recommended core set of courses for ESES majors is ESE 320, ENSU 301, and ENSU 303 for a total of 9 credit hours, as well as an additional 2nd 8 week course. Good 2nd week choices include GEOG 210 or GEOL 103.

If you are an SAE student with missing SAE core classes (such as statistics or sociology), make sure to prioritize those.

If you're interested in GIS, note that NRES 455 will be offered.

If you're interested in urban agriculture, there are two HORT (434 and 435) classes on this subject this spring.

There is 1 credit environmental careers course - NRES 108 - that many of you may be interested in.

If you’re taking Spanish courses for the foreign language general education requirement, make sure to prioritize those - all levels are offered this Spring.

Advanced ESE/ENSU courses

ESE 320 Water Planet, Water Crisis 2nd 8 Weeks

ENSU 301 Soc Impacts Weather & Climate 1st 8 weeks

ENSU 303 Sustainable Business I 1st 8 weeks

Other Advanced Courses (that count as advanced credit in the major)

HORT 430 Children and Nature 2nd 8 weeks

NRES 403 Watersheds and Water Quality Full Semester

NRES 416 Forest Biology Full semester

NRES 455 Adv GIS for Nat Res Planning 1st 8 weeks

NRES 474 Soil and Water Conservation Full semester

ESE Introductory Courses

GEOL 103 Planet Earth QRII 2nd 8 weeks

ESE 104 Geology of the National Parks 1st 8 weeks

ESE 111 Emergence of Life 2nd 8 weeks

GEOG 210 Social & Environmental Issues 2nd 8 weeks

RST 282 Nature and American Culture Both 1st and 2nd 8 weeks

SAE Concentration Introductory  Courses

ANTH 103 Anthro in a Changing World 2nd 8 weeks

PHIL 102 Logic and Reasoning Full Semester

SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology  1st 8 weeks

STAT 100 Statistics Full Semester

STAT 200 Statistical Analysis Full Semester

Language Courses

SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I Full Semester                    LEVEL 1

SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II Full Semester                  LEVEL 2

SPAN 130 Intermediate Spanish 1st 8 weeks                         LEVEL 3

SPAN 142 Spanish in the Professions 2nd 8 weeks              LEVEL 4


Other Online Courses that may be of interest

NRES 101 Wildlife Conserv 21st Century 2nd 8 weeks

NRES 108 Env Sc & Nat Resource Careers 1st 8 weeks       RECOMMENDED!

HORT 434 Designing Urban Agriculture 2nd 8 weeks

HORT 435 Urban Food Production Full Semester

INFO 490 Advanced Data Science Full Semester

LER Workers, Unions, and Politics Full Semester

TSM 352 Land and Water Mgt Systems Full Semester

Business Minor

Are you interested in a business minor? If so, all the required classes are now online. You have to have a minimum GPA and several required classes (statistics, calculus, economics and computing) to apply. Talk with your advisor to learn more.

Other classes

If you’re looking for a true elective not connected to the major, feel free! This is a Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree, and we welcome exploration – next semester there are classes that range from Astronomy to Labor Relations. You may also be interested in another general education requirement - all the general education requirements have at least one satisfying class available in the Spring.

To find what’s available, go to the catalog search form, pick Spring 2018, click the “Online” box and Search! You can use the “ GenEd REQs” menu to narrow your search to particular general education classes.