Stephen P. Altaner

Associate Professor, Department of Geology
Associate Department Head, Department of Geology

Contact Information

Office: 3014 Natural History Building
Urbana, IL 61801
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Professor Altaner's principal research interests lie in the fields of the petrology (occurrence, origin, and geological significance), geochemistry, and mineralogy of clay minerals and sedimentary rocks.

Research Areas
Atmospheric Chemistry, Geochemistry & Earth Materials

Ph.D. University of Illinois

Selected Publications
  • Marshak, S., Long, A., Altaner, S.P. (2006) Planet Earth Discussion Guide, 13th edition, Stipes, 134 pp.
  • Altaner, S.P., Ylagan, R.F., Savin, S.M., Aronson, J.L., Belkin, H., Pozzuoli, A. (2003) Geothermometry, geochronology and mass transfer associated with hydrothermal alteration of a rhyolitic hyaloclastite from Ponza Island, Italy: Geochim. et Cosmochim. Acta, 67, 275-288.
  • Altaner, S.P. (2003) Smectite Group: in Encyclopedia of Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks, Middleton, G.V., ed., Kluwer, 675-677.
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Teaching/Courses Taught
  • GEOL 100: Planet Earth
  • GEOL 110: Exploring Geology in the Field
  • GEOL 118: Natural Disasters
  • GEOL 333: Earth Materials and the Environment
  • GEOL 380: Environmental Geology
  • GEOL 532: Mineralogy of Clays
  • GEOL 561: Environmental Sedimentary Geochemistry
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