Jay Bass

Ralph E. Grim Professor, Department of Geology

Contact Information

Office: 57C Comp. Apps. Bldg.
Phone: +1.217.333.1018
Email: jaybass@illinois.edu
Curriculum Vitae


Chemistry of the Earth’s interior, measurements of the sound velocities and elastic properties of solids and fluids by Brillouin spectroscopy and inelastic X-ray scattering, Raman scattering, diamond-anvil high-pressure research, laser heating, equations-of-state of minerals and high-pressure phases, phase transitions, shock wave studies of core materials; phase equilibrium studies at high P&T, crystal structure analyses by XRD; point defect chemistry, ceramic engineering, high temperature fracture toughening, properties of ferroelectrics and “smart” or “adaptive” materials, the structural states of amorphous materials, polyamorphism, high-temperature viscoelastic properties.

Research Areas
Atmospheric Chemistry, Geochemistry & Earth Materials
Geophysics, Geodynamics & Tectonics

Ph.D. SUNY at Stony Brook

  • Geology 104: Geology of the National Parks and Monuments
  • Geology 107: Physical Geology
  • Geology 111: Campus Honors Program: The Dynamic Earth
  • Geology 432: Mineralogy and Mineral Optics
  • Geology 452: Introduction to Geophysics
  • Geology 531: Structural Mineralogy
  • Geology 593: Advanced Mineralogy and Mineral Physics
  • Geology 593: Special Topics in Mineralogy
  • Geology 553: Chemistry of the Earth's Interior
  • Geology 593: Topics in Rock Mechanics