PatricIa Gregg

Assistant Professor, Department of Geology

Contact Information
Office: 3081 Natural History Building
1301 W. Green St.
Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: +1.217.333.3540



My current research utilizes thermomechanical models to better understand the rheological controls on magma reservoir growth, pressurization, and volcanic eruption. I also use geodynamic models to investigate melting and melt migration in the mantle beneath mid-ocean ridges. My work involves a multi-pronged approach that combines data collection on land and at sea with data analysis and model development. Future projects include case studies of active continental volcanic systems as well as seagoing field expeditions to better understand the formation of new oceanic crust at mid-ocean ridges.

Research Areas
Geophysics, Geodynamics & Tectonics
Earth Systems Modeling
Natural Hazards
Ph.D. MIT/Woods Hole
  • P.M. Gregg, M. D. Behn, J. Lin, T. L. Grove, The effects of mantle rheology and fault segmentation on melt generation and extraction beneath oceanic transform faults, submitted to J. of Geophys. Res., 2008.
  • P. M. Gregg, J. Lin, M. D. Behn, L. G. J. Montési, Spreading rate dependence of the gravity structure of oceanic transform faults, Nature, 448, 183-187, 2007.
  • TBD