Why study sustainability?

Changes in the Earth's environment, societies and economy are the sustainability issues that will define the 21st century. Understand these issues, and do something about them with an Earth, Society and Environmental Sustainability Bachelor of Science degree. ESES students gain a holistic understanding of the scientific, social, and economic issues that drive our planet and environment.

Choose your Concentration

Learn about both the physical and social sciences that underlie our Earth System, and then specialize in the track that best suits your interests. Learn more.

Individual Programs and Flexible Courses

ESES advisors will work with you to craft your own academic program specifically tailored to your own interests. In the ESES program you'll have the freedom to pursue your favorite electives without overloading your schedule. Get a detailed planning guide to help you navigate your progress towards a degree. Learn more.

Career Opportunities

ESES majors have the academic training and credentials to earn respect in the workplace and entry to advanced degrees programs in the arts, law, and the sciences. Learn more.

Academic Excellence and Capstone Experience

The ESES curriculum combines a broad exposure to diverse subjects with a deeper understanding of your specialized discipline. The ESES program is a modern liberal arts and sciences degree that develops your mind as well as your reputation. ESES majors also get credit for real world experiences.

How to Apply

If you'd rather find out more about the program first, or just see how the major fits with your past courses and future plans, come by and visit an academic advisor. To arrange an appointment call Ms. Lana Holben at + Also, please feel free to send general inquiries about the ESES major to one of our advisors.

Associated Graduate Programs

The departments in the school offer Master and Ph.D. degrees that specialize in a variety of aspects of the Earth System. Our students go on to become professors, scientists, consultants, lawyers and more. Different programs offer a range of financial support from tuition wavers, and fellowships to research and teaching assistantships. Learn more.

Related Department Majors

The departments within the school also house their own majors. Students who wish to specialize in climate, meteorology, remote sensing and atmospheric chemistry should consider an Atmospheric Sciences major. The Department of Geography & Geographical Information Science offers majors that allow specialization in general, human, physical, and environmental geography, as well as geographical informational systems. The Geology major has a range of geology, geophysics, and environmental geology options, as well as an Earth Science teaching major. Learn more.