Chasing the world’s most powerful thunderstorms (6/21/2017)

The Center for Severe Weather Research‘s Doppler on Wheels mobile radar will play an important role in an Illinois-led study of thunderstorms in Argentina. (Herb Stein/CSWR.)

Illinois to lead $30 million atmospheric study in Argentina

Scientists know a lot about weather. However, there is still one aspect that isn’t totally understood: the initiation and development of thunderstorms.

That’s why atmospheric scientists at Illinois are soon heading to a small, geographical area in western Argentina to study what are considered the most intense thunderstorms on the planet.


Supercomputing helps researchers understand Earth’s interior


Researchers created a three-dimensional representation of predicted slab geometry and mantle flow. The image outlines areas with a temperature at 300 degrees Celsius cooler than the surrounding mantle, with different colors representing different depths. Oceanic plates and slabs are semi-transparent, and continents are entirely transparent. Green arrows represent velocity vectors inside the mantle. (Image provided by Lijun Liu.)

Geologists create model with potential to predict earthquakes, volcanoes, and other tectonic activity

Contrary to posters you may have seen hanging on the walls in science class, Lijun Liu, professor of geology at Illinois, knows that Earth’s interior is not like an onion.

While most textbooks demonstrate the outer surface of the Earth as the crust, the next inner level as the mantle, and then the most inner layer as the core, Liu said the reality isn’t as clear-cut.

“It’s not just in layers, because the Earth’s interior is not stationary,” Liu said.


Professor gives away thousands of books to high schools


“The Art of Yellowstone Science” includes many images from Yellowstone National Park, such as this tree encased in travertine. (Photo by Tom Murphy.)

Grants, strong sales, and an educational mission prompt decision by Bruce Fouke

“The Art of Yellowstone Science,” the recently published book by Bruce Fouke, professor of geology, affiliate professor of microbiology, and active member of the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology, is doing so well that thousands of students around the world will soon have access to free copies.


Online courses help new mom keep career on track


Emma Woods with her daughter, Addison, during 2016 commencement weekend. Now about to launch a new career, Woods said she would not have been able to graduate on time without online courses. (Photo courtesy of Emma Woods.)

Young alumna balanced motherhood and class to graduate on time

It was summer 2015, and the upcoming fall semester of college was heavy on Emma Woods’ mind. She would be a senior, and she wanted to both excel in class and find a job after graduation. She had no idea that a regular visit to the doctor’s office one day would turn her life upside down.


Dept. of Geology and SESE Annual Fall Field Trip

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Student Spotlight: Catherine Yee

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ESE Student Catherine Yee
ESE Student, Catherine Yee, discusses her roles with Students for Environmental Concerns

Earth Week 2016

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Events to celebrate Earth Week 2016 run from Friday, April 15th to Friday, April 22


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Stars and Storms by Jessie Choate
Check out the winning photographs from the 2016 SESE Research Review Photo Contest

Costa Rica 2016

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Field Explorer Leading Tour in Costa Rica
Get credit for learning about sustainability in the field in ESE 389: Field Expedition to Costa RicaSpace is limited to 21 students.  Open to All ESES majors and Unit One Residents. View the Itinerary and trip details.  If the class fills or if you are a not an ESES major or Unit One resident, email Dr. Nesbitt to be placed on the ESE 389 wait list.

University of Illinois Alumni Reception

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Illinois Alumni Join Us on Monday, December 14, 2015, 6PM at Jillian's.